"...Charged with the energy that pervades much of the artistry of the last decade of this century, the paintings of Jorge Castilla-Bambarén reflect international concerns using an ancient Peruvian vocabulary of signs and symbols. Brash and aggressive, the images are confrontational expressions of the new spirit of the 90s, dominated by felines, phantoms and skulls. Long a spiritual presence in the artistic and ritualistic objects of the Peruvian people, the specters of ancient deities appear in Castilla-Bambaren's canvases as an inventive reintegration of their rich and mysterious past with the gestural and painterly techniques of the present..."

CAROL DAMIAN - Art critic
"Felines,phantoms and skulls"
USA 1995

"...Painting with the energy and aggression, this young artist uses contemporary means of expression to make one of the strongest statements about the role of the visual arts in a troubled and violent society. In so doing, he brings the message of Peru into the mainstream of international styles of Expressionism, or Neo-Expressionism, as it is called today…"

"Untitled 1993"
USA 1993


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